Known Mahesh for about 28 years now. "Has always been thorough with his work. His concept of Nutrition Center is an extremely relevant one in these times. Considering the new and emerging challenges of public health faced by communities, focus on personal health and well-being have become the keys to a healthy society. Mahesh presents a solution through diet and exercise that everyone can implement for themselves. Highly recommended".
Savio Rodrigues
“Its THE BEST place to be healthy and fit. One will get lots of knowledge , guidance. Mahesh Sir, is an amazing person, he TRANSFORMS lives".
Neeru Nigam
“I have been an out-station member of Mahesh Nutrition Centre; I have received excellent support & value from Mr. Mahesh. Recommend everyone to be part of the healthy lifestyle experience.”
Kamal Tripathi
“It's very helpful ..very inspiring ..very motivating ... thank you so much sir for your support and good guidance.....about proper nutrition protein in your body.....”
Akshra Singhai
“Sir has changed my Life. If anyone wants to change his/her life, then Contact Uma Mahesh Chand.”
Pragya Parmita

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