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About me

Hello !!! My name is Cdr Uma Maheshwar Chand(Retd)

Treat me as your host for an amazing journey to the future which is unbelievable but real. I have an outline to cover with you and it will cover everything. All about our incredible Weight Management Programme , Our Brand and our implausible products, Also , if you are interested you can learn how to earn Money on a Daily Basis working from home or office, how you grow your income and have a Recurring royalty based residual income, and then some of the details and important aspects for your next step.

Let me give you a little background about myself . I am proud to have served the nation as a part of the Indian Armed Forces for 30 amazing years. I am a retired Commander from Indian Navy with a vast experience in HR,Management,Security and Military Law. However, due to my wrong eating habits and stressful life I was not able to control my weight and landed being an obese person with '112' Kgs body weight at the age of 45 and I was not Liking it , it was then I was introduced to this amazing company and started on their Weight Loss Program. Following the program coupled withan active lifestyle as suggested by the coaches I lost amazing '22' Kgs in 6 months and have kept it off since then.

(Disclaimer: Weight loss results are not typical and individual results may vary)

During my weight loss journey I also came across many amazing individuals from different walks of life e.g Housewives, Students,Working Proffessionals,Businessmen, Retired Personnel who were earning amazing incomes ( some of them as Part Time). This attracted me and I started attending the company’s Training Program. Being Part of the system gave me some credible insights and in next six months I was able to replace my regular income working part time.

(Disclaimer: Income results are not typical and individual results are subject to his interest and time spent. This is not a salaried job)

This gave me confidence to Quit my Job and take this purpose of “Making the World Healthier and Happier” ahead as an Independent Associate. There has been no looking back since then. It is a fantastic journey from employee to Entrepreneur. I am glad to be instrument of change in so many lives with the help of My Mentors Mr Sandeep Kerkar and Mrs. Bharti Ramakant Salgaokar. The incredible thing is how easy it has been. Everything is in place to teach you step by step to be successful wheter it is your Weightloss or Work From Home goals. All you need is the willingness to work, be Teachable, Follow the Steps, Have the Desire and Follow Through.

Wake up with passion, walk with confidence and live well with the best nutrition.
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A Good Coach Can Change A Game. A Great Coach Can Change A Life

Mr. Mahesh Chand