An interactive platform of Healthy Living, self-care and Wellbeing.

The Look Good Feel Good Hub is aimed to provide an interactive platform for ladies interested in Healthy Active Living, self-care, and wellbeing.
Join The Community to reshape your life, Look Good, and Feel Good. Live a Healthier and Happier Life.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to transform the lives of 100,000 ladies during my lifetime to help them live a Healthier and Happier life.

Our Objectives

Education- Educate individuals about the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating choices.

Solution- To provide effective research-based scientific solutions and nutritional supplementation for guaranteed weight loss, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Digestive Health and overall Wellness.

Community- To develop a community of like-minded people who are committed to follow a Healthy Active Lifestyle and thus make this world a Healthier and Happier place to live.

If you resonate with his mission and our goals, please join us in making the world a healthier and happier place.

My Focus areas

Fat Loss

Weight Loss

Women's Health

Meet the Expert

I would be your ISSA Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer (CPT) Once an overweight person, I now enjoy a Healthy, Active Life. As an Independent Herbalife Associate, I own and manage Mahesh Nutrition Centre, a community-based wellness initiative that has helped more than 200 ladies to enjoy a Healthier and Happier lifestyle. I have found the ‘Look Good Feel Good Hub’ to provide an interactive platform for ladies interested in Healthy Active Living, Self-Care and Wellbeing. I like to work with like-minded people who are interested in healthy and active living to make this world a happier place to live.

What We Offer

FREE Lifestyle Evaluation

Book a FREE 121 appointment (20 mins) to evaluate your lifestyle and get a free consultation

Happy To Help

Join our online LIVE presentation (60 mins) on ZOOM to understand our services and meet the people from community who are transformed their lives with us.

3 Day Trial Morning Club

We are delighted to offer you a 3 Day experience to our virtual wellness club everyday morning 7:30 to 8:30 . Take a 3 Day Trial to get a comprehensive overview.

4 Weeks To Fitness (UMS)

Our UMS program has turned into a mass movement across the country transforming the lives of hundreds of ladies for the better. To know more about the package click here.

5 Day WhatsApp Course

How To Get Fit by spending 10 mins a day even if you are super busy” The 5 Day WhatsApp workshop will help you to start your wellness journey within your busy schedule. Join the Course now

Ambassador Program

I am looking for people to help me in achieving my mission objective, Build a career or a side hustle as a wellness coach, work from home and earn extra income. To Know more about being an ambassador book a call now.

If You Believe it
You can achieve it

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Success Stories

Disclaimer- Weight loss results are not typical and may vary from person to person

Client's Testimonials

Here are our few client’s commendations

“Its THE BEST place to be healthy and fit. One will get lots of knowledge , guidance. Mahesh Sir, is an amazing person, he TRANSFORMS lives.”
Neeru Nigam
“It's very helpful ..very inspiring ..very motivating ... thank you so much sir for your support and good guidance.....about proper nutrition protein in your body.....”
Akshra Singhai
“I have been an out-station member of Mahesh Nutrition Centre; I have received excellent support & value from Mr. Mahesh. Recommend everyone to be part of the healthy lifestyle experience.”
Kamal Tripathi
“Sir has changed my Life. If anyone wants to change his/her life, then Contact Uma Mahesh Chand.”
Pragya Parmita

Building Healthier and Happier Communities


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